Hair Guide



How to wear clip in extentions:

  • Take a brush and gently backcomb the root sections of hair that you’ll clip the extensions into, finishing with a light misting of hairspray. By texturizing the hair, you’re giving the extensions more to clip on to.
  • Next, clip in the extension in at a slightly uneven, slanted angle. If you clip them in totally straight, they won’t blend into the hair as naturally.
  • Once clipped in, brush your hair so that the extensions fall into your natural layers. Take a straightener and straighten the layer (check if styles are compatible with your extensions), again, for blending purposes.



  • Be aware that curly weave appears shorter in length than straight hair so you might want to go an inch longer
  • If you want to add layers on your hair, go for different lengths such as 12inch, 14inch and 18inch which will also give you a natural layered cut look.